The World Isn't Flat. Train to React.

Your world is constantly changing - shouldn't your training do the same? Obstacles, opponents and challenging terrain stand between you and your goal. Amplify your performance with XTred™ and get open.



Explore this overview to learn more about XTred™ and its benefits for athletes, revolutionary Amplified Muscle Performance (AMP™) technology and award-winning product development team.

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XTred™, the first and only fully-loaded commercial treadmill with AMP™ programming. This revolutionary new technology enhances athletic performance by improving agility and footwork, reducing the risk of knee and ankle injuries, and providing superior functional rehabilitation.

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The path to victory is rarely straight.
Why train like it is?

XTred's AMP™ training simulates changing terrain and game-time situations, improving athletic performance off the treadmill and where it matters.


The first and only fully-loaded commercial treadmill equipped with AMP technology, XTred represents the cutting edge of sports performance training. This revolutionary treadmill enhances athletic performance by improving agility and footwork, reducing the risk of knee and ankle injuries, and providing superior functional rehabilitation.

Training with XTred amplifies users' athletic performance off the treadmill—whether that's on the field, on the court or off the beaten path.

An Amplified Treadmill

In addition to its range of AMP training programs, XTred offers all of the features and amenities users expect from modern commercial treadmills, making it an ideal solution for training facilities used by pre-elite, elite and amateur athletes, health and fitness centers looking to generate revenue while attracting and retaining members, and physical therapy and rehabilitation centers.

With immediate feedback and the ability to track individual AMP training over time, XTred gives users and providers a powerful motivational tool for continued use.

XTred for Athletes

Designed with elite athletes in mind, XTred's exclusive Amplified Muscle Performance (AMP™) training programs provide pre-elite, elite and amateur athletes and core health and fitness club members with a range of full-speed agility training for game-ready response - on the field and in life.

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Pre-Elite Athletes

Youth sports have never been more popular - or more competitive. With growing bodies and intense schedules these athletes are also at a greater risk of knee and ankle injuries, and at a crucial time when a torn ACL can mean the loss of a starting position, a scholarship, an athletic career... XTred's AMP programs give young athletes an edge over their peers while reducing their risk of injury.

Elite Athletes

Whether they play at the college level, the professional level or in the Olympics, elite athletes face a unique set of challenges and demands. Their ability to consistently out-perform the competition is non-negotiable. XTred amplifies their game.

Amateur Athletes

Call them weekend warriors, call them crazy but don't call them out of the game: growing numbers of athletic adults are investing in sports performance as they compete in running races, cycling, triathlons and with social sports clubs. With XTred, dynamic speed has no age limit.

Health & Fitness Club Members

Core health and fitness club members are looking for more when they hit the cardio equipment. They want workouts that challenge them, provide added value and enhance their performance outside the gym. XTred™ activates muscles traditional treadmills can't and constantly challenges them in new ways so users never plateau.

AMP technology. Amplified performance.

AMP™ Technology

Athletes with superior agility have an edge in the game, but it can be double sided. The same muscles that allow them to turn an opponent and get open are also at a higher risk for injury--sometimes career-ending.

XTred's development team recognized a need in the growing sports performance and fitness market for a convenient training system that improves athetes’ agility as it reduces their risk of injury.

With XTred's AMP training, dynamic instability = dynamic speed. Minor, highly-controlled disturbances in the tread fully engage the user's body and mind as they train, sharpening neuromuscular reflexes to fine tune and synchronize the muscles responsible for agility and footwork, strengthening the muscles that support the joints and ligaments of the leg and activating abdominal muscles for core stabilization.

The Science Behind AMP™

AMP is rooted in perturbation-based training, proven in independent clinical studies to improve users' reflexes and agility, reduce their risk of injury and provide injured users with a superior functional rehabilitation that returns them to pre-injury performance levels faster and more successfully than other methods.

By exposing users to carefully controlled forces that destabilize them just enough to elicit a response, AMP training amplifies neuromuscular performance, increases joint stability, and improves agility.

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Dynamic instability = dynamic speed.

Training with XTred™ fully engages users' bodies and minds, improving and strengthening the muscles responsible for agility while reducing their risk of injury.

Meet the XTred Team

By athletes, for athletes.

Our successful products and research reflect an understanding of sports performance and protection gained from the experience of participation.

Led by Richard Greenwald and Jeffrey Chu, XTred's management and product development team earned its reputation as a worldwide leader in the fields of sports and orthopedic biomechanics, mobility rehabilitation and prosthetics at Simbex, continually producing unique solutions by focusing efforts on our core expertise: biomechanical feedback systems.

The development of XTred™ and AMP™ training, combines our athleticism with our biomechanical expertise in order to improve athletic wellbeing and sports performance.

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